September 29, 2018

Immigration has been ignored by Congress for over 50 years, with a few band aid fixes throughout that time.  We need a comprehensive approach to immigration reform which would first include securing our borders and making E-Verify mandatory; we need to stem the tide of illegal immigration into our country.  Then, we must compassionately address the issue of illegal immigrants and their children that already make America their home.   It's unfair and unjust to start enforcing laws that have been ignored for decades.  It is the fault of Congress that has allowed illegal immigration to go unchecked.  Next, the immigration laws must be enforced.  Many immigration laws go unchecked allowing rampant abuse.   And, lastly, we must find a solution for those individuals that overstay visas under the guise that they are waiting for a green card; we need to change the process by which they come in to our country, so this does not become an issue going forward.  There are dozens of Temporary Guest Worker Visa types that are all being exploited, allowing nearly 2 million Guest Workers to enter and remain in the US each year.

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